After Posterous was being bought by Twitter, who let it die shortly later, we had to choose another platform for our visual inspiration blog – after quite some time hesitating we joined Tumblr, which still has a awful back-end, but ...Read More

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HP-Visionen verschwinden wieder in der Schublade Kurios. Die Lead Agentur von HP, Moving Brands, veröffentlichte dieser Tage einen Artikel, in dem sie detailliert ein Branding-Konzept ...Read More

Déjà auteur des géniaux Handmade Portraits, Kyle bean revient avec cette fois-ci des photographies d’armes rendues totalement inoffensives ! L’idée est simple mais brillante et le résultat est d’une pureté rare !   ...Read More

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Files - STORY OF AN UNWANTED RETURN: THE GIF SAGA. Texte Guillaume Ferrand - Date 29 Aôut 2011 Le format .gif, devenu aujourd'hui figure emblématique de l'internet 2.0, n'a ...Read More

Yet another one of A-cero‘s contemporary masterpieces caught our attention. The residence called 19 Housing brings many standing ovations to the architect’s creativity. Featuring public spaces like a lounge, a dining room and a living ...Read More