Info on the noisy life of the band Bareface, a former indie rock band from south-western Germany.


1994 Gathering of four guys melting to one band in Neustadt/Weinstrasse, Germany.

1995-96 Several “Wild Weekends” – secluded song writing weekends. Touring around, jamming a lot, doing about 50 club shows. Mainly in south-western Germany – Speyer, Neustadt, Bad Dürkheim, Kaiserslautern, Ludwigshafen, Mannheim but also Chemnitz or Tübingen etc.

1997 First studio recording “goose gotten” is being finished – finally! Including 9 very own songs, lasting about 45 min. Contribution songs to some Compilations.

1998 Doing some festivals and OpenAir shows. 1999 Doing more festivals and OpenAir shows. Some more basement recording is being published. The new album “r.o.m.b.” is a bunch of 10 songs. We found our sound in the imperfection of this ruff mix. Or maybe we ran out of money… so its just a demo. Ironically, our last song is called “last song” and is only documented in 2 live tapes.

2000 we never split up, but had a good average of 5000km between our homes. we find a new place in the internet. and play the songs on our own. piece…


vocals & guitars – dan, bass guitar, groovebox – scodde, drums & vocals – andi, keys – marc.

Music & Lyrics – dan & andi